Welcome to The Curator’s Salon

If you have a desire for any creation bespoke, curated judiciously, or as a collector’s piece, we invite you to meet with Rajesh Popley – The Artist, Curator and Collector extraordinaire.

“I love to appreciate good art. It can be in the form of paintings, it can be in the form of jewelry, or it can be in the form of objects. Anything beautiful makes me happy”. – Rajesh Popley.

Rajesh Popley, from the family of Al Anwaar, is happy to offer you his consultancy and personal expertise for any of your jewelry creation or acquisition requirements, on request. Be it important jewelry pieces including significant solitaires or sets, bespoke jewelry making, request for rare pink and blue diamonds, or for coloured stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds or anything more.

Who knows what objects of desire you might bring to life together, feast your eyes on and take away as yours forever?

Kindly email your request to [email protected] to make an appointment.